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  1. Getting usage data through API  ·  future consideration

  2. Data use for research  ·  under review

  3. Find alternate solutions to manage downloads.  ·  future consideration

  4. Add country data to the Usage Report export  ·  future consideration

  5. Provide forthcoming ebook information, especially for new editions  ·  future consideration

  6. Allow One-Time Data Entry of Multiple ETD Department Names

  7. Automatically email weekly usage summary  ·  future consideration

  8. Improve layout

  9. Include the Publication Number in a submission's XML data  ·  under review

  10. Add authenticated ORCID iD functionality to ETD Administrator  ·  under review

  11. Data from "Minor/Major Revisions" to be included in the email notifications we receive when student's submit a revision

  12. Develop a possibility to get necessary usage data automatically through REST API.  ·  future consideration

  13. Ebook Central Upgrade Report  ·  future consideration

  14. MARC data: Unique identifier for each copy

  15. Please add a field for ebook Format to OASIS (in title details)

  16. Include order information in MARC records  ·  future consideration

  17. Curated Topics  ·  future consideration

  18. Counter reports should reflect usage for collection as it was on the dates selected (instead of as it was on the date run)  ·  future consideration

  19. two languages needed in description  ·  future consideration

  20. Tracking on number of times their dessertations or Theses being cited by others  ·  under review

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